Punny Plant Celebrities

Because who doesn't love puns and plants? 

Greeting Cards

Gallery Grow, a trending DIY terrarium and plant shop, is located in the heart of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They provide a memorable and unique experience to locals and tourists of all ages. After working there for some time, I found that as much as customers LOVED the greenery and live plants, it was difficult to travel with live plants, due to size and temperament. 

I noticed other shops in the area offered small trinkets and cards near the registers of their stores, so I proposed a solution to the owner of our store. We sell plant themed greeting cards near our register! They loved the idea and thought the cards would expand the variety of products and give customers another way to remember the shop. 


It started with a list of common plant names. I wrote down as many as I could think of and then did the same with celebrities. The puns started to form and Howard Fern, Spruce Springsteen, Elvis Parsley, and Nicholas Sage were born.

All 4 greeting cards were illustrated in Procreate with an Apple Pencil each taking about an hour to finish.  

Want to see the mural I designed and painted in collaboration with Gallery Grow?

For information or collaborations please contact me at madisonstabinger@comcast.net